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"The surest sign that clever existence exists elsewhere from the universe is usually that it has not tried to contact us."

"The Mind a wonderful organ. It starts Functioning the moment you will get up each morning and does not quit until finally you have to the Office environment."

hahahahahahaha assumed this when I have been invited to another person's or third! in fact, gotta be truthful, believed this about some initially marriages!

If attorneys are disbarred and clergymen defrocked, does not it abide by that electricians might be delighted and musicians denoted?  How about deranged cowboys, debarked tree surgeons, and frustrated dry cleaners?

Individuals that can chuckle with out result in have both identified the correct meaning of happiness or have long gone stark raving mad. Norm Papernick Why is lemon juice built with synthetic flavour, when dishwashing liquid is designed with actual lemons?

A funny thought for the day from popular individuals and others who encourage us. Humorous estimates to keep the day light-weight. Funny lifetime estimates to remind you that Mind-set counts and life should be enjoyed.

"Middle age is after you've satisfied so Lots of people that every new man or woman you meet reminds you of another person."

Why do banking institutions cost you an ‘insufficient money’ charge for funds they presently know you don’t have?

Why is there often a person in each individual group? For those who took all the ones in just about every group and set them in A further crowd, will there be 1 in that group?

Why are builders concerned to have a 13th flooring but e book publishers aren’t concerned to possess a Chapter 11?

"Giving up cigarette smoking is the simplest issue on the globe. I know because I've performed it Countless situations."

If a man is inside of a forest conversing with himself with no Ladies around, is he continue to Mistaken? Guy's commonest fault is not really figuring out what he does not know.

These thoughts in the working day aren't hilariously funny, Nevertheless they funny thoughts induced a wry smile on either Will or Dude's confront.

Why is it that if a person tells you that there are 1 billion stars from the universe you may believe that them, but whenever they inform you a wall has soaked paint you'll need to contact it To make certain? Sanity can be madness nevertheless the maddest of all is to see everyday living as it truly is and never appropriately. - Don Quixote

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